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Georgia: A Standout Stand-In

Our state's diverse landscape lets us play the role of stand-in for many other locales.

  • Historic Oak Hill in Rome, Ga.

    Historic Oak Hill in Rome, Ga., plays the part of Melanie's (Reese Witherspoon) pretend Alabama home in "Sweet Home Alabama."

    Berry College/Oak Hill

Tranquil beach getaways and picturesque mountains. Bustling big-city streets and old-fashioned main streets. Lush pastures and wide-open lakes. You'll find it all in Georgia. In fact, our diverse landscape is one of our many assets, and it allows the state to act as a stand-in for many other locales.

Here are a few Georgia-filmed movies that transport viewers to destinations out of the state and around the world.

  • "X-Men: First Class" used Jekyll Island as Cuba in the finale, pitting the superheroes against one another and United States and Russian navy ships.

  • "The Crazies" used PerryFort ValleyCordele and Montezuma as stand-ins for fictional Ogden Marsh, Iowa.

  • In "Sweet Home Alabama," the house Melanie pretends is her Alabama home is really at Berry College in Mt. Berry in northwest Georgia. This house, called Oak Hill, is a Georgia historic landmark and was the original home of the college founder, Martha Berry. 

  • "Fast Five" used portions of metro Atlanta as Rio de Janiero.

  • In the movie "Lawless," Meriwether County and surrounding areas stood in for Virginia moonshine country in the Prohibition era.