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Lesli Peterson

Lesli is the owner of 365AtlantaFamily, which offers a daily dose of inspiration for metro-area families. She is also a freelance writer for several online and print-based publications. From her home base of Atlanta, Lesli spends her time life-learning with the kids one adventure at a time, and sharing her experiences along the way.

Who is Lesli?
I have two kiddos and two bonus teens, and I’m happily married to my soul mate. He can attest, I am never content sitting still! I enjoy my time in the mountains; I enjoy my time in the city. I’m easy to please, as long as I get plenty of outdoor time. I unschool our little ones, making exploring the South part of that journey. Here are 11 (more) random facts about me:

1. I’m an INTJ personality type.
2. I have a Master’s degree in business, and I worked in product marketing/product management for 18 years before becoming a mom.
3. I follow the Paleo diet as much as possible because I feel more healthy doing it, but my favorite food groups remain peanut butter and whiskey.
4. I write for a few other online publications, which I really enjoy.
5. I knit and crochet to decompress.
6. For the first 20 years of my life I lived in six states and three countries. (I graduated from high school in Tokyo!) I’ve lived only in Georgia these last 20 years, but I’ve added eight more countries and 29 more states to my “visited” list.
7. I’m a Master Gardener for Cherokee County.
8. Despite all the international travel, Yellowstone/Grand Tetons were my favorite adventure.
9. I love to read, and I primarily select non-fiction books. I only read about one fiction book a year, maybe two.
10. I did not like coffee until my second child was born. Now I drink it every day.
11. I love public speaking. It doesn’t make my palms sweat; it makes me dance with joy.

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